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Transtur Cuba About Transtur We at Transtur are 100% Cuban company originally pertaining to the Ministry of Transport (MITRANS) with a rich 30+ year history. In 2008 we became part of the Ministry of Tourism commercial division for tourism related transport services. At the same time, the previously separate entities of Havanautos, CubaCAR and REX Car Rental, commonly known as our brands, all became part of this new entity under the moniker of Transtur.          Transtur Bus   Our bus division Transtur buses and transfer services are part of our core business and we also operate routes for companies such as Viazul, Havanatur, Cubanacan and Cubatur. Mainly service airport transfers we also offer specific routes for groups on made to measure vacations organized by the aforementioned tour operators in Cuba. Within our fleet of buses we have new Zhengzhou Yutong Chinese vehicles along with some CNG-powered larger vehicles for up to 45 passengers. Taxi Services Transtur operates a nationwide taxi service using the latest taxi equipment including vehicle tracking and real-time accounts management. Our state of the art taxi meters guarantee both excellent fixed pricing schedules and reduced cost bases for our taxi customers. Car Rental We operate a large fleet of vehicles destined to the rental market. Our three car rental brands, now under one operation, offer reasonable rates and exceptional service.          havanautos   Operating from our headquarters in Havana, Havanautos offers vehicles nationwide from Punta Maisí to Cabo San Antonio. Our largest operations are focused around the major tourist destinations of Varadero, Havana, Los Cayos, Coco, Largo & Santa Maria and Santiago de Cuba. Our fleet has recently been updated to feature mainly automatic cars from brands such as Hyundai, Kia, Geely and Peugeot.         cubacar logo small   Our insignia brand,   operates from similar locations as the aforementioned Havanautos and is focused on the European and South American markets where manual (stick shift) cars are most prevalent. Almost all of our fleet offers vehicles with these characteristics and, beyond standard sedan vehicles of the economic and medium categories, also include 4×4 SUVs, Minivan and Van vehicles.     REX Car Rental Cuba REX Car Rental is our premium brand for car rentals which benefits from separate facilities and offices to cater for the premium car brands offered and also higher grade customer service our clients have grown accustomed to from the REX brand. Our fleet includes Audi & BMW vehicles along with Hyundai automatic jeep SUV´s. We also offer chauffer driven vehicles with professional drivers, limousine services and luxury minivan services with TV and video services onboard.         Transtur scooter   Transtur Scooters Our scooter division is growing as this becomes a popular method for vacationers in major tourist centers of Cuba to move around. Our largest fleet is located in Varadero however we have smaller fleets in Havana, Cayo Coco, Cayo Largo and Cayo